The World Entrepreneur Success Training Program is an entrepreneurial success development program proudly owned and operated by Pat Brosnan.

...lovingly dubbed The WEST Program

WEST is an multi part ongoing Internet strategy mentoring program that answers your heavy Internet marketing concerns.

You have too many choices out there and nobody is showing you what to focus on and in what order to apply your focus.

Too many choices, the lack of a system, getting to a point of generating a residual income, financially instability, too many strategies and the anguish and fear of getting started is the pain that future Internet entrepreneurs are facing today.

WEST was created to be a solution. One that you have been asking for as well as countless other entrepreneurs.
One that has been tested and proven to work.

The WEST Program was the solution that I wished existed
when I started my journey online.

So we created...

* A step-by-step, systematic approach to learn Internet marketing efficiently, in a how to system that covers ALL the intricacies that are important to develop a successful and sustainable Internet business.

* Something that allows anyone to learn it. From the more advanced marketers who THINK they got it all covered, to the complete newbie who has no idea where to begin.

Also, WEST has integrated learning and personal growth combined into the Internet marketing lessons. The elements of Reading, Listening, Watching, Doing and growing are all integrated into every lesson, to allow all learning types and skill levels to effectively implement what they learn in WEST.

* By the end of the course, you will have one or more income producing businesses and have the ability to continuously advance to the next level of your business growth, as long as you complete the process within The WEST Program.

* I want you to be able to use other people’s products and services. Seriously. I didn’t create the WEST Program to be competition, I created it to be a credible resource to allow the Internet marketing community to grow as the industry of our future.

There are great, advanced programs out there. I want you to be able to identify them, leverage them and afford to acquire them so that you can successfully implement them.

The problem is too many Internet entrepreneurs, maybe yourself, are purchasing courses that your business and skill sets are not ready for… don’t worry, we’ll take care of that in WEST.

* Imagine if you could relay what you have learned to those you care about, your community or your colleagues. Don’t you think it would be great if they could elevate their success and create their desires as well? That’s why WEST will provide you with a way to not only show others how WEST can benefit them… but you’ll even learn to relay this information fluently as a coach of the material.

The WEST Program is not mine… We created it for you… own it!

 * Also, you must learn to handle the many levels of success that you create throughout a growing business. Many people do not fail in business because of fear, they usually fail because they did not grow with their business.

WEST includes one feature in the training that NO other Internet business course in the world has… personal growth and peak performance strategy integration.

What’s Strategy Integration?

Strategy Integration is a proprietary teaching method created by Bob Yeager. It allows us to integrate personal development training into the Internet marketing business building lessons.

No other course in the world contains this method and that is why WEST is being looked at to become an accredited program. The level of personal and success development that you will experience will allow you to grow as a successful Internet business professional, while discovering profound realizations about yourself to promote inner success.

This has never been accomplished before and I did in this fashion to allow you to focus on the profit pulling power of building a business, by applying WEST, without muddying up your mind with a bunch of foo foo self-help stuff… you can thank me later.

For now... take a look at our extensive online educational internet strategy mentoring platform...

Read Below to See How No Stone Was Left Unturned and We were Sure to Leave Nothing to Your Imagination or Guess Work... So You Can Succeed

There are FOUR Elements
in WEST 2.0"


Each of these areas are broken down into smaller, easier to manage educational platforms in order to help enhance your learning and success.

First you will discover....

"The First Element"
 WEST 101

In this portion of the World Entrepreneur Success Training Program, you will learn the beginning to advanced stages of properly marketing a business on the Internet.

The primary focus here is, building a business and marketing model, determining your industry and successfully marketing other peoples' products while growing a list.

Even if you feel you have profound skills as an online marketer, it is suggested you view this program in order to see how the growth of your business depends on the model shared within WEST 101.

Also, keep in mind you are taking the first step toward entrepreneurial success. As you complete WEST 101, the next stage in WEST 2.0 will allow you to maximize your business and success potential.

Be sure to view the videos in the order they are presented and do the action steps along with us.

Anytime you would like to emerge into a new niche on the Internet, simply come back to this blue printed tutorial series and duplicate the process of successful online business development.

Let's Break WEST 101 down into its defining Modules shall we?

Module 1

Mapping a Real Business Mapping Your Business

It seems to be a misleading habit for Internet information marketers to teach the Internet Marketing community that Internet business is about pressing a few buttons and the money comes.

Sadly, many people start out with that belief and quickly find themselves broke and feeling foolish for ever believing they could create a successful business.

The harsh reality IS... marketing on the Internet is NOT a business it is a vehicle to generate recognition and to collect profits.

In this module of the World Entrepreneur Success Training Program, we are going to focus on 4 fundamentals to ensure your business grows successfully. You will find there is not going to be a slew of tactics and technical confusion.

This module is dedicated to:

1. Discovering Your Business Market

2. Discovering and Mapping Your Business Model

3. Discovering and Overcoming Your Obstacles

4. Discovering Your Marketing Model

These four fundamentals of your business are going to allow you to blueprint the exact path you will be creating in order to finally see success through marketing products on the Internet.

Module 2

Tracking the Trends

Tracking the Trends


Well, many people don't realize; when you begin any business it's important to understand the market before you ever offer to the market.

You see, Internet marketing is not about blindly throwing offers out there and hoping they stick.
Establishing profit through Internet business works the same way as traditional businesses do, that's why in this module, you are going to realize:

1. What model will work with the trends in your industry

2. What are the top market research sources

3. How Google is allowing you access to some of the best market research tools available to date

Tracking the trends and understanding market research is easy. Every time WEST students learn this process, they are amazed by the profit potential in their specific industries.

Many times, our students find they have been marketing blindly and that the answers have been right in front of them the whole time.

Module 3

Creating an Inventory of Products & Keywords

Creating an Inventory of Products

The most important concept you could possibly need to learn in, any business, is no business could survive with just one product or service.

Sure, there may be a select few around the world, but we'll guarantee there are other services going on behind the scenes.

In this module you are going to learn to find products based upon the information you gathered and created in the previous modules.

Then, you are going to find high traffic words and phrases to leverage on websites and within content you will create.

You will not have to create a product of your own and we are going to utilize trusted affiliate networks in order to find these products and services.

We do this so you can ensure you will be paid and given credit for the sales your marketing is responsible for.

The elements that are contained in this module are:

1. Creating an inventory of digital and/or physical products you do not have to store or distribute

2. Discovering high traffic and low competition keyword phrases

3. Sub automation of keyword research to save time and become more effective in traffic

Module 4

WEST 2.0 Traffic Patterns

Traffic Patterns

In this module, obviously, we will be covering traffic. But, we are going to cover this in a way you may never have seen before. For example, the lessons within this module will cover:

1. Variable Traffic for Higher Rank in the Search Engines

2. Scalable Traffic to maintain a consistent business flow

3. Automatic, Long Term Traffic with Proper and Easy to Understand Search Engine Optimization

This module may sound technical but, we guarantee that when you are through here... you are going to be light years ahead of others within your industry.

Module 5

 List Building

List Building

The lifeblood of any business, online or traditional, is the quality of the list.

It's a mistake to waste high quality traffic on sales pages unless you are doing this as a hobby.

In our businesses, one of our primary focuses is list building. In this module we will discuss:

1. Lightning Fast Creation of Opt in and Lead Generation Magnets

2. Positioning Newsletter Forms for Higher Conversions

3. Tracking and Optimizing Opt in Conversions

This may not sound sexy or fun... but let me tell you, you won't care about the sizzle once your auto responder is filling to the brim with targeted, qualified leads who know, like and trust you!

Module 6

 Sales and Conversions

Sales and Conversions

Many people usually want to skip ahead to this part.

The funny thing is, the reason they have not received more sales and higher conversion rates in the past is because they ignored the first 5 modules!

There is a time and a place to focus on sales and, if you've arrived at this point after finishing the above lessons, then you are ready for:

1. Increasing Competitor Conversions (while increasing YOUR bank account)

2. Increase and Map Front End Conversions

3. Increasing Up-sell Conversions on Affiliate Sales!

Don't worrythis is the easiest module in the course!

Module 7

 Follow Up for New Sales and Graduating to Become the Strategic Entrepreneur

Becoming the Strategic Entrepreneur

In this module we are going to discuss:

1. Multiplying the number of our backend sales and creating a product ladder

2. Traffic, list, sales and business growth

3. Where you go from here to take your business to the heights of product owner and strategic     

This module will tie the whole puzzle together and you will begin to see how the past 7 modules have allowed you to construct a blueprint to successfully market any business you wish!

(YES... that includes traditional offline businesses as well!)

That is all

For WEST 101!

It was probably longer than it will take you to finish WEST 101.

But remember I said there are 4 Elements to WEST 2.0!

This may seem a bit overwhelming at first, and I agree!

If you were to tackle all of this education head on, there's a good chance it WOULD be too much to handle all at once. That's why the WEST 2.0 program is broken down in easy to follow modules.

Each module is then broken into its own subsection where each lesson is chunked down in an easy to follow, well guided format.

WEST 2.0 is the next level of entrepreneurial and internet marketing development.

This area was designed to have separate modules (courses) within the course of WEST 2.0.

Each area of this training is stand alone, meaning; you can chose to implement a strategy or not.

It IS dependent upon which direction you wish to take your business into.

We would like for you to realize this:

With every turn you take in your business, WEST 2.0 will allow you to have a blueprinted strategy to excel to the next level of profitability and business growth.

Let's look at a description of each module in the programm

The Content Multiplier

Content Multiplier

Your first step, after WEST 101, is to enhance your ability to generate more keyword optimized content in a shorter period of time.

As you'll remember in the first half of our program... you need to learn to short cut the process in a more effective way. Within the content multiplier you will learn to take one piece of keyword optimized content and repurpose it into videos, audios, documents, and blog posts.

This strategy contains multiple ways for you to continuously generate content that will supply you with better search engine rankings', more traffic and higher quality authority back links.

Be sure to follow the process step by step and don't skip ahead. You will also receive a blue print to this method and a schedule for the quickest, easiest implementation provided to you by Mike Silva.

The Product Multiplier

Product Multiplier

You've been spending your time generating content, keywords and traffic in order to build a list and promote affiliate offers. Through what you have learned thus far, WE know you are ready to begin to create your own products.

BUT... there's one problem with product creation. Products tend to take a long time to create and it's difficult to create your own product inventory without consuming all of your precious time.

That's why we are going to teach you to rapidly create and multiply products in order to create an ever-growing inventory of products where you receive 100% of the profits.

It's easier than you think... and WAY more profitable than affiliate marketing. You should not, however, do this before you have implemented the first portion of the WEST Program.

Bionic Auto Blog

Bionic Blogging

Go figure... you've built all of this content, you are continuously posting on your blog and your traffic and list are growing. There's one problem!

Your business is quickly becoming TOO hands on.

That's why Mike Silva is going to teach you a method, he's developed, called bionic auto blogging.

Don't worry; this isn't about generating a bunch of worthless, duplicate content... this method quickly allows you to slow down on your content creation while your blog does most of the work.

This method is only to be visited after you have made it through WEST 101, The Content Multiplier and the Product Multiplier.

Basically... we're beginning to sub-automate your business!

The Perpetual Traffic Method

Perpetual Traffic

It's not always easy generating traffic and growing your traffic on a regular basis.

This is why; we created the Perpetual Traffic Method.

Even we get tired of some of the mundane tasks to generate traffic.

That's why, within this module, you are going to learn how to create positioning on High Authority Sites which will nearly automate your traffic generation for years to come.

We can't really describe the power of this method here... so once you reach this part of the program... take good notes and put it into action IMMEDIATELY!

Outsource Liquidation Method

Outsource Liquidation

It's nearly impossible to keep this up. You are a WEST 2.0 student... a World Entrepreneur!

Now, it is time for you to learn the proper methods of outsourcing.

We're not talking about hiring a team of virtual assistance here...

We're talking low cost outsourcing to people and technology that creates MASSIVE benefits for your time freedom and your subscribers and customers.

Imagine if you could outsource nearly 80% of your daily actions for less than $200 per month!

Tired of trying to figure out how to quickly install multiple websites without taking hours?

What if it only cost you $5?

I'm sure you are seeing the benefit here. But... there can be a lot of pit falls...

That's why we are going to show you resources we have tested and proven to work... some of which are FREE!

Outsourcing is not something you do in the beginning of your business.

It is important for you to be hands on while learning... but, at this point in the WEST 2.0 program, you should be efficient in the "how to" now it's time to become more efficient with your time!

$10 Million Copy Writing Course

$10 Million Copy Writing Course

Stemming from Bob Yeager's original Copy King Copywriting Course, the $10 Million Copywriting Course not only shows you how to master the persuasion and high converting tactics Bob Yeager uses each and every day in HIS copy...

But, Bob is also going to walk you through and share with you the $10 million swipe file he personally wrote for himself and his high end clients.

This copy has been worth over $10 million in sales and Bob used all of his knowledge of NLP, social engineering and master copy writing that has never been taught or shared anywhere else in the past!

Now YOU Have Every Internet and Business Marketing Resource at Your Disposal

Lets take this a step further!

I REALLY wish I could say that's all, simply because my fingers are getting tired from all this typing but; we haven't even scratched the surface yet.

If you've seen enough and truly understand the level of value you are receiving here, feel free to get started right away

As you can see, by now, it's obvious we didn't cut any corners with The World Entrepreneur Success Training Program 2.0.

It's taken us years of strategizing, testing, implementing and teaching to hone this finely crafted educational platform into the success it is today.

This is where most of the Schmurus out there would have you believe they are the know all, be all of Internet marketing. Thankfully, that's not my style.

But, we don't know it all. Sure, as many entrepreneurs and professional business owners today, we tend to wear many hats in our business. Every entrepreneur has experienced a time when they had to learn many skills in order to succeed in business.

That's where we cheat and you GAIN!

You see, in order for us to know you have all the training you deserve, we are continuously calling up industry professionals to lend their experience, advice and specialized skills to WEST 2.0.

Like I've said, we don's know it all. That's why we created

"The Third Element"
 WEST Tactical Spotlight

WEST Tactical spotlight is an on growing system of tutorials brought to you from some of the leading professionals in the entrepreneurial, personal development and business development industries.

These are people who have made millions of dollars leveraging their specialized skills that, well we are simply not qualified to teach you.

That's why these professionals are continuously joining us on private calls to have them teach you a vast array of skills they are widely known for, so that there are no holes in your business.

The WEST Tactical Spotlight was created to bring to you top individuals and professionals in business.

You may be wondering why we aren't teaching you these things...

We understand that, in order to maximize your success potential, you must be taught skills which have been mastered by those who do them on a daily basis.

Basically, we don't teach what they don't specialize in.

You are going to witness an ever growing collection of top professionals teaching you profound information that you will NEVER find anywhere else on the planet.

These aren't "gurus" you would be familiar with (most of the time). Instead, these are the professionals the "gurus" call when they're stuck and need to increase their business profit NOW!

This is a privilege to present the Tactical Spotlight to you and we will be continuously growing this area with new content for years to come.

"I purchased the West programme approximately two years ago and have found it an amazing benefit to my business. It has allowed me get the basic understanding of how the Internet works and also given me in- depth knowledge of the most useful techniques to use to attract customers and business online. I have also found that there has been great benefit from the personal development sections of the programme, of which I am very passionate about. There is a bank of use-full tips and techniques that have saved me a lot of money, for example advice on the best free firewall to protect my computer. The regular training webinars are fantastic, this allows you to keep up to date with the ever changing trends online. The West Programme has to be one of the best all in one online training programmes on the market - I have yet to see anything that compares to it. Adrian Randles, Kenmare, Kerry, Ireland.

Let's move along to

 "The Fourth Element"
 WEST 2.0 Crucial Education

This is one of my favorite sections within the WEST 2.0 Program. Why?

Simply stated, it's where I store the rest of my flagship programs which now sell for $197 to $1997!

That's right, although WEST 2.0 is the university of the entrepreneur, it wouldn't feel complete with some of the most result getting programs my students have ever encountered.

I can guarantee you this you will NEVER find this training anywhere else outside of my own products.

Copy Writing Mastery

Copywriting Mastery

In any form of marketing whether it's video, blog posts, text ads, sales pages etc., there is a definite skill that must be developed in order to peak the emotion of the viewer.

The Copy Writing Mastery section of this course is the Copy King Copy Writing Course.

This is a training program Bob Yeager taught to a select hand full of students in a live coaching environment, where Bob showed intricate detail in the format, methods and psychology of real master copy writing.

Copy writing is an essential skill we need to utilize in our business and most master copy writers are paid $10K + for these skills to be implemented. Now, you will have the skills and the ability to write profound and unique copy that sells.

The Traffic Underground

Traffic Underground

The Traffic Underground is a unique area of the WEST 2.0 program.

Over the years we have created and tested many new web traffic strategies and have seen results and failures.

Well, the failures were left out and only the tried and true, tested to work methods were revealed here.

This section of the program has never been seen outside of our inner circle members of the original Traffic Underground club. Now, this will be an ever growing section of the WEST 2.0 program.

As new methods of traffic are being developed and proven to work, they will be added to this section.
After viewing what is in this module, you should never use "I'm not getting enough traffic," as an excuse ever again!

Chaos Theory to Internet Marketing

Chaos Theory to Internet Marketing

Before there was Jeff Walker's "Product Launch Formula" or Frank Kern's "Mass Control" in September of 2007 Bob Yeager taught his private group of CAMP students the "Chaos Theory to Internet Marketing".

Some of the bigger names in the Info Product Marketing industry have tried to copy and sell this program for over $2000, but they have never successfully duplicated it.

Now, you don't ever have to pay $2000 for a course teaching you how to do a product launch, it is here as our gift to you.

WARNING: Product launches should NEVER be implemented until you have built your business structure and laid the ground work for your Internet Marketing... you'll know when you need it.

Inter-Network Marketing

Inter Network Marketing

Once again teamed up with John Milton Fogg, Bob Yeager teaches Network Marketers and Internet Marketers alike a system where we can integrate the two industries

leveraging a proven to work, Internet Marketing system to properly grow a targeted list of prospects for a network marketing business, while getting paid to do so.

Also, when you are through with this course, you will get your very own system and this course as a product to sell and to keep 100% of the profits from.

MLM Blogging

MLM Blogging

After John and Bob taught the Internetwork Marketing Course, John asked Bob to teach network marketers a course on blogging.

Quite simply this IS THAT MLM Blogging course.

This is not to be confused with the blogging tutorials in WEST.

This is specialized blogging for MLM.

My Goodness!

That sure is a lot to take in. So, knowing there is literally tens of thousands of dollars in training within this program.

Knowing you are about to experience community, connection and ongoing top level Internet marketing, entrepreneurial and success development training how much do you think we're submitting for enrollment into WEST 2.0?

Well, just to shake the IM industry up a little bit and get the gurus to grumble a bit the price for WEST 2.0 is a small monthly payment of $14.97 USD per month.

That's right in order to receive the complete training, leaving nothing to guess work, allowing you one place to develop your successful business; we are only asking you invest $14.97 USD per month.

Here's the deal, we all know some folks get excited and need to time to evaluate what they've logically invested in, now you will enroll and feel comfortable knowing that we provide a 100%, no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

 West Guarantee

It's simple.

Enroll now, in WEST 2.0, log in to the members area.
Begin your training and feel free to poke around and soak up the vast level of education at your disposal.

Don't worry, there aren't any fancy up sells or backend offers. When you close the page you will be gone.

WHEN you enroll now, you will be taken to your educational training area within the back office of WEST 2.0 and you will receive an email with your access information ready for you whenever you need to experience it.

the WEST Program with Pat Brosnan, Bob Yeager and Mike Silva